GEH Engineering LLC HR Policy

GEH Engineering LLC is the Company acting as a Construction Manager in projects for constructing power-generation facilities of Gazprom Energoholding LLC. Staff is one of the Company's key strategic resources ensuring its competitive performance and achievement of goals.
HR Policy is predicated on the Company's mission to form the institution of Construction Management companies in the commercial energy industry.

The Company's strategy is to develop the organization providing the construction Investor with single-window services during collection of input data, technical specifications, designing (including governmental expert review), and other coordination activities, construction supervision, and commissioning of the completed facility.

With this view, the Company strives for fulfilling the following strategic initiatives:              
  HR Policy Key Principle: retention and development of the optimal staff composition. Staff is the Company's corporate culture bearer, and it should be a solid, responsible, and efficient team sharing common values and goals.

  HR Policy Mission is ensuring active and efficient staff participation in implementing operating and strategic goals of the Company. For this purpose, the Company takes relevant measures to enable career and personal development of the personnel, ensure favorable labor conditions, and follow the balanced approach to addressing interests and needs of employees.

Company Specialists.
The Company is at the top stage of development.

Key internal processes and principles are already developed, implemented and adapted efficiently—all this is a passport to further success on the external market.

The personnel is formed, skills obtained, professional expertise is considerably amplified with experience while working on current projects. Today, we are wide open to engaging in new projects of any scale. The company establishes long-standing relationships, taking end-to-end responsibility for the results delivered.

To date, GEH Engineering LLC staff headcount amounts to 165 highly-skilled professionals. We believe that, within the context of heavy project activities, it is the close-knit team that drives our success.

Specifics of work in the Company.
Working for the Company has its features. First things first, industrial energy is about intelligent business. It mostly depends on how certain people can implement a solution that addresses all project features in an optimal manner.

Besides, project work implies business trips to various cities and non-standard working hours. To blend in such a rhythm, one should be truly committed.

Company's projects are not just noteworthy and high-scale. All of them are unique.

Among our energy-market partners, there are companies having rich expertise in design and supply of equipment, retooling, and turn-key construction of any-complexity power facilities. Working with such professionals gives invaluable experience. Each team member of our Company has the vast background of managing commercial-energy projects. He is a truly competent person. We are proud of our team for their expertise and commitment to what they do for the Company. This makes us set strict requirements for candidates.

Management Style.  Executives Portraits.
Management in the Company follows democratic principles. We use the open-door policy: any employee can communicate with their line manager or superior—either via email or in person. All employees can always get feedback if they need to. Operating issues are solved immediately and efficiently. Managers in the Company are not formal directors but also informal charismatic leaders. Being not just Professionals, they always stay "people persons", inspiring colleagues and subordinates:

The Company lays great emphasis on developing cooperation with long-standing project partners. Our key principle is to create a friendly environment that facilitates project success.
However, the team spirit, give-and-take behavior between employees and support from managers are what we value the most.